Less Is Actually Less

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In the last couple of months, KNQ has actually taken off a little bit, and I couldn’t be prouder. We’ve had a QuickDraw (which is what we call our speed dating events), and a couple of folks made some good matches! However, much to my surprise, another one of our offerings has taken off in popularity. We call them BlackJack Dates, in which a client (the Ace) comes to me seeking a mate. I search through my contacts and find three guys (called “Jacks”) with whom the Ace will go on a group date.
A friend of mine was selected by his Ace on the BlackJack Date he went on. So the two of them began a courtship that has lasted lo these six weeks. Recently, however, my friend informed me that after a number of good morning texts, all-nite phone calls, and a couple of road trips to spend

weekends at each other’s out-of-state residences, the Ace has decided to take things slow because as he said, “less is more.” My friend is clearly distraught by this decision, and as a result has completely withdrawn what were developing into serious feelings for this Ace.
Over the last week, I, too, have also had difficulties with scheduling dates with seemingly interested suitors. As I’m typing this one gentleman (who we’ll call “Daniel”) can’t seem to answer a straight question about when we can go to dinner. Literally texting…

Daniel: I got my car fixed.
Me: Cool. When we going to dinner?
Daniel: Sometime I’m sure.
Me: ???
Daniel: Lemme think…

I was never clear on exactly how much time you need to find a time to go to dinner within the next week; I think we are all relatively clear on our schedules.
However, the craziest text exchange I have had in many moons started on Sunday. I met Andrew on a common gay website. We began conversations about his medical issues, which he had apprehension about revealing to me for fear of rejection. As a result, we decided to meet on Wednesday. Monday’s conversation continued, trading pictures and associated compliments. Unfortunately, Tuesday went almost entirely by without any response to my correspondence. Hours before midnight, we had a very confusing interaction, wherein he suddenly decided that we wanted different things and therefore, no longer wanted to meet. The chat was a bit lengthy so I won’t try to explain here. Watch the magic below.


Anyway, like Toni said… if you want a date, “Just Be A Man About It

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