Welcome to Kings ‘N’ Queens


Do you consider yourself a gay man worthy of love? Are you finding it difficult to connect with other men because of preconceived notions of weakness, immaturity, or naïveté?

Are you exhausted with the clubs in Atlanta, from gas prices and a lack of parking combined with waiting in an incessantly long line in the freezing cold to overpay admission into a club blasting the same music you listened to in the car on the way there?

Have you been told that all gay men want is sex? Convinced that you are not the only Black, gay man in Atlanta looking to be committed? Struggling to find somewhere to go where you can sit in a room and not feel ogled or ostracized because you don’t fit some ridiculous stereotype?

Constantly wishing for a boyfriend of your own? Let this be the year to finally find true love!

Come to Kings ‘N’ Queens! We are a new matchmaking firm designed to bring together gay men in a way thus far unprecedented in the popular market. Explore our website, and get to know who we are, what we do, and how we will serve you!