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About us
KNQ Matchmaking

Do you consider yourself a gay man worthy of love? Are you finding it difficult to connect with other men because of a preconceived notions of weakness, immaturity or naivetë?


Are you exhausted with various night clubs, from gas prices and a lack of parking combined with waiting in an incessantly long line in the freezing cold to overpay admissions into a club blasting the same music you listened to in the car on the way there?


Have you been told that all gay men want is sex? Convinced that you are not the only Black, gay man looking to be committed? Struggling to find somewhere to go where you can sit in a room and not feel ogled or ostracized because you don’t fit some ridiculous stereotype?


Constantly wishing for a boyfriend of your own? Let this be the year to finally find true love!


Come to Kings ‘N’ Queens! We are a new matchmaking firm designed to bring together gay men in a way thus far unprecedented in the popular market. Explore our website, find us on social media, and get to know who we are, what we do, and how we will serve you!

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BlackJack Dates

For our clients who prefer a more personalized engagement, BlackJack Dates provide the opportunity to interact more intimately, participating in a more active date to help him decide which of them he would like to continue seeing.


We arrange for our client, known as the “Ace,” to have dinner with up to five potential suitors, called “Jacks.” These men will meet at a predetermined location with a KNQ agent, who will arrange for a semi-private meeting. Afterwards, the agent will discuss the date with each Jack individually, ending with the Ace. Planning will ensue for a future date between our Ace and the Jack he selects.

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Our flagship event, QuickDraw events provide an exquisite speed dating experience. Many people are familiar with the modern speed dating design that became popular at the turn of the 21st century. However, KNQ has adapted our format for gay men. Our “conveyor” concept serves our clients’ needs in an unmatched fashion!


Odd numbers, live atmosphere, and raffle prizes make our QuickDraw the opportunity you’ve been looking for!

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Full House

Our largest scale event is designed for groups of (ideally five) friends, affectionately called a “Blaze,” to meet with KNQ agents to prepare a mixer in which each friend will meet at least seven men with whom they would be most likely matched. KNQ agents will discuss ideals matches for each member of the Blaze individually. Shortly thereafter, we will hold a series of group interviews, in which we will attempt to find seven strong potential matches for each Blazer.


After confirming all dates, KNQ will arrange a mixer at a local venue, whereupon each dater will be advised of the Blazer with whom he is mostly desirably matched. After a chat and mingling with the other daters, the Blaze will each be asked to select two men with whom they will each have two ten-minute one-on-one meetings. After those “mini-dates,” the Blaze will each select the guy with whom they would like to go on a more formal, extended date.

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Past Events

Past Events

Past Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


We currently offer two avenues for membership with Kings ‘N’ Queens.


The first option is to enter your information into our database through our registration form. This method is the most convenient for new members. However, due to our insistence upon personal attention, this method is probably more detrimental to the KNQ experience as a whole.


The second (and more recommended) form of initial contact with KNQ is to visit us during our open and FREE castings. This manner allows us to better illustrate the attention that we stand on as paramount for a business like ours to function at the level it should. Attendance at castings also prioritizes members for attendance at our special events.


It is our intent that clients will find enough potential partners at the speed dating events that they need not be inclined to search with other less personalized formats.

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Phone: (404) 917-4421
Email: info@knqmatchmaking.com


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